Privacy policy

Policy regarding protection of personal data

If any individual whose personal data (including name and photograph) have been used in the school website wishes his or her data to be removed, disclosed, or modified in any way, we will respond promptly in a reasonable manner to answer the request.

SKG routinely disseminates information about its program and events, but takes every precaution to ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected.

We agree to obtain the consent of the student(s) concerned before displaying photographs of their work, or of the students themselves, by which the identity of the said student(s) can be ascertained.

Consent may be obtained from the relevant parties before photographs of guest speakers and graduates are posted.

Regarding the official website

This website is under the control and management of Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Committee for School Public Relations.

All information contained on this website is protected by copyright. Accordingly, copying, modifying, or distributing any part of the content without permission is strictly forbidden.

The purpose of this website is to provide the public with information on-line about the educational philosophy of the school, as well as data pertaining to its performance as an educational institution.

We hope that visitors will provide us with feedback so that we can continue to improve our school.

We hope that this website will fulfill its intended function as a source of information for the greater public.